Over 50 Years of Specialized Experience in the Industrial Filter Market


INDUSTRIAL & AVIATION FILTERS is a division of Envirocom Inc., created in 1995 to acquire the Industrial & Aviation division of Dana Canada Inc's filter division.

INDUSTRIAL & AVIATION FILTERS  ("I&A")   continues to expand the industrial filter business operated over the last 50+ years by the industrial division of Wix,  Hayes-Dana  and  Dana Canada Inc.  When Fram Canada closed its industrial filter operations in 1986,  the former manager of Fram Industrial joined "I&A" to incorporate this expertise with that of  Wix.  This combined experience has been successfully transferred to  INDUSTRIAL &   AVIATION   FILTERS   to  ensure  that   "I&A"   continues  to  deliver  the  best  in  quality,  service,  and dependability to the Canadian industrial filter market.

INDUSTRIAL & AVIATION FILTERS'   growing customer base includes both large and small enterprises in all segments of industry including mining,  pulp and paper, petroleum, chemicals, primary metals, manufacturing, transportation, and Government.

INDUSTRIAL  &  AVIATION  FILTERS  offers a full line of technical services to the filter user including custom vessel  pressure  design,  applications engineering,  fluid analysis,  filtration system design,  and field support.

In addition to distributing such Quality brand names as   HILCO®PARKER,    WIX®,   NOZZLE GUARD   and others, INDUSTRIAL  &  AVIATION  FILTERS  manufactures a wide variety of filter cartridges at its Pickering, Ontario facility.

INDUSTRIAL & AVIATION FILTERS knows Industrial Filtration!

With over 50 years of specialized experience in the industrial filtration business, at INDUSTRIAL & AVIATION FILTERS, we're ready to solve your filtration, separation and fluid reclamation problems.

We look forward to assisting you.

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